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F4 Tech’s software solutions and integrated data-driven decision support are threaded throughout our process, keeping the landowners mission, goals, and objectives at the center of everything we do. We work with each client individually to deliver their solution on time and within budget resulting in cost avoidance and significant return on investment (ROI).

The SilvAssist (SA) Suite, built upon Esri’s ArcGIS platform, is the latest innovation to provide value-added data collection, reporting and analytics to foresters and all stakeholders related to a client or project.  The unique suite of products, which includes SilvAssist Mobile, Inventory Manager, Event Management and Growth and Yield, equips mobile devices (phones/tablets) and/or desktop computers with the most functional and efficient forestry software. The SA Suite is task-centric, focused, and simple-to-use with little or no training needed. It’s so easy – there’s no need for a manual!
Key Differentiators of SilvAssist Suite
  • iOS and Android

  • Integrated reporting

  • Built-in volumetrics (including subsampling regressions, volume equation library, etc.)

  • Built-in Growth & Yield (utilizes Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS))

  • Advanced error-checking (soft, hard, back office)

  • Optimally runs on ANY size device – phones, tablets, etc.

  • Can work in landscape or portrait mode

  • Requires NO set-up costs

  • One month free demo subscription

  • Highly streamlined workflows

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Forest Inventory Made Easy
The SilvAssist Mobile technology is the heart of the SilvAssist software suite and gives you complete control for accurate data collection in the field. Client-driven pre-loaded options, built-in navigation and RTI functionality, configurable data entry forms and data sychronization directly to Inventory Manager make SilvAssist the easiest-to-use and most robust mobile forestry inventory system on the market today.
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Monitor and Manage Projects with More Simplicity, But More Depth
Stop waiting for a week, a month or until the end of a project to receive the project data. Say goodbye to manual processes including assessing information from emails and spreadsheets! Start accurately tracking multiple projects in one or many locations with ease. SilvAssist’s Inventory Manager provides digital data DAILY (from SilvAssist Mobile) and is presented in a user-friendly interface. Based on your role in the organization or project, Inventory Manager uses hierarchy and permissions to provide various levels of detail about project status, cruiser information, and more. The platform also allows for easy invoice and audit verification.
Planning, forecasting and tracking history using spreadsheets is time consuming, and the manual processes lead to errors that add time and costs, and reduce the overall success of the project. Events Manager is a service F4 Tech provides that eliminates the need for additional keying and importing data from various resources to produce calculations and reports needed for planning, budgeting, and forecasting – critical in planting, harvesting, and site preparation. Using digital data provided from Events Manager provides accurate outputs for your needs giving you confidence in making critical decisions.  If you have SilvAssist Inventory Manager, let us help you leverage the power of the ArcGIS platform to configure this advanced solution for you.
Plan, Track, Manage and Report Events
Built-In and Ready To Go with FVS!

If your project requirements involve growing all plots/data to current year for standing inventory, or ad-hoc future projections and simulations, or supporting harvest planning – SilvAssist Growth and Yield gets the job done.

F4 Tech’s cloud-based Growth and Yield services feature simplified interfaces for easy use and are configured for each client according to how they grow and manage their trees. Data is calculated automatically as it flows into the system, providing accurate on-demand analysis and reporting.


F4 Tech develops a wide range of extended solutions for clients to further leverage and apply complex analytics, while simplifying the results.

  • RCW Matrix Output

  • Yield Table Creator for Remsoft Planning

  • Habitat Management Planning Tool

  • Direct links to Orbis’ Forest Information Portal (FIP)


Potential score post implementation of simulated, targeted actions at Goldhead Branch State Park.

Made to Meet Your Demands
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